Vineyard Winters

by Kerry on January 14, 2009

Farm Neck Golf Club After The Snow

Farm Neck Golf Club After The Snow

What is life like in the wintertime on the Vineyard? I can’t tell you how many people have asked, and how many variations of the answer I’ve given. If they are asking in August, I can safely , from the warmth of summer and the distance of months, reply with enthusiasm. “It’s Great” . That is always my sincere response, “the island empties out and we have it to ourselves!” I am optimistically projecting some peace and quiet into my life from the hectic craziness of the summer.

Ask again in November, and the answer changes slightly, there may in fact be a wane in the enthusiasm. “Oh it’s a little quiet”, is standard, or “hmmm, thinking about getting away soon”…Come January and despite my best intentions, the word “desolate” usually manages to sneak into the conversation.  We are unlike anywhere else, and the population discrepancy shows exactly how unique we are. During the year, island residents number around 15,000 persons. In the summer it is well over 100,000.  Schizophrenic would be an appropriate description.

On more than one occasion I have been struck by the solitude that I feel here in the winter, and in the summer I can’t keep the days straight. It has certainly been a big change from my hometown of Montreal, where I didn’t need an ounce of creativity to be entertained. It was all at my doorstep. Anything that I could dream up was available to me and in hindsight much was taken for granted. Now I am challenged to find creative ways to entertain myself and my family. We spend our free time out of doors, in each others company and in the company of close friends… When in absolute need of a crowd, and it does happen, we’ll travel up to Boston to see a show or go to a gallery .

Though it may not be the most stimulating social environment in winter,  this island is a beehive of activity and action in the business community.  So many people have been drawn to this unique location, and we have business leaders and experts who willingly share with, us as well as the experienced professionals who are the foundation of our community. I look forward to introducing you to some of them as this Blog progresses, and showing you what the Vineyard has to offer at all times. It is an exciting place to live and work, no matter the season.

Now if we only had a wholefoods…

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Ken January 26, 2009 at 3:31 pm

Love the blog! I think it’s great that you are giving a local perspective on the island we all cherish. Hopefully others will have the benefit of reading this as well and will gain a better understanding of what it means to be a part of the Vineyard community in a time other than the summer. Maybe they will come visit and enjoy the unique pleasures of the island in the “off-season.” Would love to hear more about your favorite time of year, or your favorite things to do. Also, what would you recommend for first-time visitors to get them acquainted with the island?

Kerry January 26, 2009 at 6:41 pm

Thanks Ken.
I will keep you updated on favorite pastimes in all manner of weather! For today, a hike in the Menemsha Hills is pretty fabulous for clearing the mind and getting my adrenaline going.
If there is a first time visitor out there who is braving this January evening, then you must head over to the Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs for hospitality, pub food and locally brewed beer.

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