Signs of Spring, Vineyard Style

by Kerry on March 17, 2009

At the risk of sounding exclusive, there is something different about Martha’s Vineyard…though it may not quite be what people who live elsewhere are thinking. Of course it goes without saying that adjustments have to be made to living on an island, and that we are markedly more casual in dress and in atmosphere than comparable resort areas.

There really are not that many black tie events held on Martha’s Vineyard. We have them, and getting dressed up is fun on the rare occasions that it is called for.  The need for fancy shoes and fancy dress is but a distant memory for most, completely unknown to some and good riddance seems to be the majority consensus.

When the weather hints at turning, one thing for sure will be the barometer for Spring around here… flip flops.  It is the Vineyard’s true test of an islanders capacity for endurance NO SHOES ! Despite the forecast predicting temperatures in the mid 40’s,  suddenly shorts and flip flops are everywhere you look. People are so desperate to get that summer ball rolling, that a sunny day in March will do it. I  have plenty of  empathy, and I understand that not everyone loves winter.  There is however, a rather large discrepancy  between 40 degrees, and 70 degrees.

For clarification, there are the traditional indicators as well. This morning I saw crocuses in the lawn, buds on the trees and only needed 3 layers of clothing on my run. The sun is  up way past 6 PM, and daylight savings has changed my life, also, unbelievably, Dairy Queen opens for the season today. Happily we are well on our way, and after what seemed a very long winter, Spring is officially with us as of Friday this week. I will be keeping my socks on well into April, and look forward to flip flop season in its own time.

Flip Flop

Flip Flop

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