LEED Certified, the language of measuring green

by Kerry on April 27, 2009

Green LEED certified meaningGreen is the hot buzzword, there is no doubt about it. In building and remodeling  LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a vehicle for promoting sustainable design and construction. In other words, it is a system that was developed to allow a common language for people in the building and design fields.

Not that long ago, green building was still on the fringe. There was no data available for advanced performance of buildings, and there were many problems with both commercial and residential structures. Buildings were failing. People were and continue to get sick due to poor ventilation, mold, insulation, structural issues, pest infestations, the list goes on.

The building codes that each town has adopted are minimal requirements for safety. And structures are built just above those minimal requirements. Anything less than code is illegal. Codes are bare minimums. The LEED system evaluates the entire environmental performance of a building. In order to qualify, a building must achieve a certain number of points in 5 key performance categories;

Sustainable Sites

Water Efficiency

Energy and Atmosphere

Materials and Resources

Indoor Environmental Quality

As the LEED system has gained ground, it has accelerated the data that is available and made a huge impact on the development of new and creative ways to go green.

LEED projects can be economical to build, are most certainly economical to operate, and have a tremendous impact on the health of it’s human occupants.

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