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by Kerry on May 28, 2009

What is the main difference between building to standard building codes and building LEED certified? In simple, layman’s terms, it is quality. It is the difference between home made pie, and store-bought. The difference between a great meal that you prepare yourself with care, and one that you get at a drive through. The difference between doing your best, or just getting by. LEED is a standard of building that determines the quality and care that you put into the structure, and the efficiency that you earn from your efforts.

Because the certification process is third party verified, there are no loopholes. These are pretty stringent guidelines, not the least of which is to be qualified to build LEED structures in the first place. As a LEED AP, my husband was faced with the dilemma of determining how to proceed with a project that was cost effective AND LEED certified. This was the first of many homes that he wants to build to better standards, more efficiently, more environmentally aware. How to do the job without exorbitant costs? He started investigating different avenues, and we realized that an amazing opportunity was available in the modular department. What if we could develop a LEED certified modular envelope, that could be customized  on site?

So we did. All winter we traveled to NEXUS our local Green Roundtable chapter in Boston and worked with a consultant, as well as our LEED provider and the rep from our modular company. Together  our team developed a modular prototype, essentially the structure and insulation for what will become a 5+ bedroom 3+ bath  LEED certified residence with a projected Gold level certification.

Today, the first pieces of the puzzle are arriving. Once the off-site building envelope is set, then the customization will begin, and all the special touches and fine finishes that make a house a home will be added to this amazing project. Each carefully thought out aspect of Green on Green has been detailed with the scope of this project in mind. From locally harvested flooring to top of the line Energy Star Bosch appliances, no detail has been overlooked. Of course the big prize is the energy efficiency of this home, at 35% to 50 % more energy efficient, it bears no resemblance your average house.

Due to logistics, the transportation of the pieces of the modular part of Green on Green will arrive today with quite a bit of fanfare. Carefully co-ordinated with the State Police, the components of the building envelope will be escorted from a barge that was used to bring them across Vineyard Sound,  then 2 miles to their final destination, an East Chop foundation.

This is an exciting day for me and my family, the culmination of months and months of work and sacrifice. We know good food when we taste it,  and we know hard work when we see it. We also sleep well when there is a sense of accomplishment attached to that rest. There is no telling what the future will bring, but for today our quality of life is enhanced by what we have contributed and the efforts we can make towards a better tomorrow.

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