Building green, foundation day

by Kerry on May 11, 2009

foundation-slag cement green on green

Foundation provided by Bill Howell and The Form Company

The foundation of a house, is the most critical part of any structure. Be it brick and mortar, wood and nails or emotions and sentiment, without solid footing and strong roots there is no security. Buildings would fall and relationships would fail if we didn’t have the strength of the foundation to hold everything together when we want to build vertically.

Today we poured the foundation for our green house on Green Ave. We are using a concrete with  a metal composite, or slag,  added to the mix. Slag cement, a byproduct of the steel industry, keeps materials from landfills, reduces virgin material use, enhances air quality and reduces energy consumption by replacing other higher-impact materials. Slag cement also adds beneficial properties to concrete including a smoother surface, lighter color, lower permeability, and improved resistance to aggressive chemicals.

Please feel free to stop by, if you are in the neighborhood, and visit the site.

Green on Green

15 Green Ave, Oak Bluffs, MA.

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