Sign Language, education and green building. Green on Green

by Kerry on May 14, 2009

green on green leed building sign marthas vineyardHaving made the decision to move forward on a LEED certified house as opposed to a traditional house,  it was as important for us to design an effective public education plan as it was to determine the size and scope of the house.

Building a LEED certified house, beyond just saying it is “green” or we are using “green” materials, requires third party verification and comes with the pedigree and paperwork  to prove it has been through the process and is what it claims to be. Achieving LEED certification is the best way for you to demonstrate that your building project is truly “green”. We are proud to be bringing this project to the Vineyard, and being the first to do a LEED certified residential project in Oak Bluffs has brought many questions to the table.

Working with our LEED Provider, who assists with determining the number of points we can expect to get on this project and is also part of the third party verification process, we were able to determine the certification level that we could anticipate. With the projected point information, I worked with a graphic designer and we developed easy to understand symbols and signage for an educational and informative sign that would clearly state the purpose of the project.

Having a clear statement at the jobsite will help people who are curious about sustainable building  have a better understanding of LEED and green building. If we can get past some of the public distortions of building green, ie; cost prohibitive, unfirendly designs, only for people who live alternative lifestyles…then we’ve made some progress and the time has been well spent.

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