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by Kerry on June 2, 2009

green-on-green-LEED certified gold level modular squash meadow construction

The amazingly simple, flawless few hours that it took to set the frame of the house on Green Avenue last week was a culmination of months of effort. Not only the design and engineering experts who worked on this specific project but the developers and nonconformists who surged forward with the green movement in building, giving us the US Green Building Council and LEED building standards.

What appeared to be a day’s work by a dozen people, was in fact months of work by our LEED team, as well as the work of our modular distributor, Westchester Modular Homes. In meeting after meeting, with constant compromises and accommodating on the part of Westchester Modular, we were able to develop one of the first LEED certified modular framed homes available in New modular squash meadow Vineyard gold certifiedgreen-on-green-LEED modular squash meadow Vineyard gold certified

The beauty of this process is a LEED certified home that is cost effective while maintaining the  integrity of  a high energy efficiency project.The environmental impact on the building site is low due to less traffic and waste in building materials in below 5%. Westchester Modulars has an incredible recycling system in place and is able to reuse scraps and pieces in other projects. Everybody wins. Because these homes can be customized on site, recycling is set up on the building site as well, so it really is the best of both worlds.

Is it an instant house? not quite, but in the world of building, and in particular, green and LEED building, it won’t get much more efficient than this. Is there instant gratification? Absolutely.

15 Green Avenue, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

We’d love you to stop by and take a tour.

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