Obamarama, Vineyarders welcome the President in style.

by Kerry on August 23, 2009

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The Obama's Rock

We are pretty casual about our rich and/or famous. There seems to be some immunity to celebrity and power and we  pride ourselves on our nonchalant manner when we run into Carly Simon at the grocery store, or Micheal J Fox in the gym. The president of The United States? Well he might get a second glance.

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Free T-Shirt for all U.S. Presidents

I have to admit, when I ran into Jake Gyllenhaal at Humphries Deli a few years back I was not feeling the cool of nonchalance. I was feeling the excitement of one seriously hot actor in my presence. When I see Larry David I feel like I can contain myself. Bruce Willis? Not so much.

The celebrity sightings have always been part of the Vineyard experience for me. On my first visit here when I was 10 or 11, I saw Allen Funt, the host of that old TV show Candid Camera. My parents pointed him out to me as I would never have picked him out of the crowd. I associated famous people with lots of others fawning over them. Well Allen appeared to be one of the masses, enjoying a quiet dinner with family.

The more I payed attention, the more personalities I identified. There were the news people, Diane Sawyer, Mike Nichols, Walter Cronkite, Art Buchwald,Mike Wallace. There were the party boy celebrities of the 80’s, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray. I’ve seen Ted Danson  and Mary Steenburgen so many times I’m convinced they know my name, and sitting next to Merv Griffin for an evening was pretty cool.

So here we have the President of The United States. There are politicians galore on MV, influential policy making people with clout. Do we treat them any differently than other celebrities? Yes and no.

When Bill Clinton was president and visited it was gridlock. Every time the poor guy wanted to go out and play a round of golf there were people waiting to shake his hand and ask for autographs. I was with a friend who arranged for us to meet him at Farm Neck Golf Course and I felt sorry for him. He comes off the course and there we are, with dozens of others, waiting to meet him. Needless to say the handshake I got was limp, and his expression empty.

obama vineyard 2009

Obamarita and Baracko-Taco

Will we hunt down this President in the same way? I’m gonna say yes. The skies are  dotted with helicopters. Secret Service men are all over the place. There are news trucks and people with cameras staked out all over the island…looks like a peaceful vacation is wishful thinking. The flip side of that is that even though he won’t be blending in like he was able to when he was Senator Obama, the welcome and greetings that he will get from local people will be sincere and heartfelt…if not a little on the casual side.

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Jason August 23, 2009 at 6:20 pm

Having seen “more” of some famous/infamous people than most would care to see, it has has become more “meh” to me… 😉

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