The LEED modular on Martha’s Vineyard. Beautiful, classic and affordable. Green on Green

by Kerry on August 30, 2009

LEED modular Martha's Vineyard affordableLEED home VineyardLEED Vineyard reclaimed wood and stone fireplaceLEED Vineyard kitchenIt is amazing. 3600 square feet, 6 bedroom 3.5 bath and tons of living space.

The LEED GOLD home on Martha’s Vineyard is near completion. Environmentally friendly in every sense, this beautiful house has met all the qualifications for LEED GOLD and then some.

The reaction from the community has been positive, and the few neigh sayers have examined the house and are now converts.

Fear of the unknown and resistance to change made us the outsiders in this small community. trying to educate people on the benefits of green building as we built was a job in itself.

What is it about change that makes us uncomfortable? The most valuable lesson for us as the developers of this project has been the necessity of education. Understanding why environmentally sustainable buildings are necessary  for our future is a critical part of this process. Because buildings are the biggest resource users, finding a way to contain the waste is essential.

People are attached to their views of how things should be done and what they should look like. With the introduction of a different way, a newer way or a better way there will always be resistance.

Taking a chance and pursuing the road less travelled has been challenging and the rewards have been immeasurable. The proof is in the pudding when you take a walk through this beautiful house and realize how easy it is to be part of the solution.

For more information on this property click here  Green on Green

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Carl Fallon September 29, 2009 at 5:54 am

What a glorious age we live in when $1.4 million is considered affordable!

Kerry October 2, 2009 at 8:36 am

It does sound like a stretch, doesn’t it? Building on Martha’s Vineyard can be very cost prohibitive not only because of the initial land investment, but the transportation of materials as well.
This particular house was built to comply with the LEED certification standards as well as being a 3600 sq ft house. It has every amenity possible, from central air to central vacuum. Bosch energy star appliances and two master bedrooms. Notwithstanding the value of the land, the house comes in at under $400 per square foot. Believe me, compared to houses built to national code, this IS affordable.

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