Back in time. Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard

by Kerry on June 25, 2010

Vineyard summerVineyard summerI’m so confused. I know the week just started so how come it’s Friday? Every year the same thing happens to me and and the blurred lines of work/vacation/visitor mode throw me down my own twisted version of the memory lane.

When I was younger I vacationed here and time flew by. I met tons of people, and a mutual love of the Island has kept the majority of them coming back. When I see the familiar faces that I have know for 30+years I am powerless over the regression that happens to me. I am transported back to us as teenagers, foot lose and fancy free, unemployed or part timing it and hitting the beach  daily. The combination of summer, people and memories is irresistible and pulls on me during my routine rituals.

I forget that I’m supposed to be waiting until I’ve finished work to get into the water. I forget that I can’t make plans all day every day with the fun people I want to be hanging with. I forget that my job depends on me marketing myself and making business connections.  And by far the worst I forget is I forget that I’m no longer that teenager.

30+years ago I met my husband here on Martha’s Vineyard. We weren’t quite ready for each other then, but we came back together at the right time and he is the reason that I am here. I am attached to my past in a way that most people don’t get. I married it. So when the others show up, the rest of our gang, the magic happens all over again.

We are those kids from way back when and its as if time hasn’t passed and age hasn’t caught up with us. We reminisce and tell stories. The music, the atmosphere, the weather are all in sync and we are together again. We are brought back to that time of our lives when the world was our oyster and bad things never happened to people.

Until they did. And then we reminisce about that, about him, about what could have and should have been. And we move on.

It is so easy to be us from back then. We are so comfortable together, we grew up together and we can’t help but fall into our past. And of course I want to go back in time and relive every juicy moment. And yes I am drawn to my old irresponsible self, the girl who couldn’t keep track of time, was always late and  partying like there’s no tomorrow.

It is that time now, when all the faces come back, and along with them all the memories. It is now that time starts to get away from me and days blur into each other. It’s hard for me to concentrate, with nostalgia knocking at my door, and my former self begging to be let out. Who knew every summer would take me all the way back and only part of the way forward. The ghosts are talking to me and I can’t help but listen.

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