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by Kerry on July 2, 2010

Vineyard Porch

There is no better place to be, than a porch on Martha’s Vineyard. Some say the beach, others the golf course, for me and thousands of my  voyeuristic peers, the porch is where its at.

Mine is enormous. Majestic even. Over 900 square feet of outdoor living space, it has seating and lounging areas. There is a hammock, dining table and the customary dog at your feet.

Critical to good porching is good location. My porch sits at the corner of two streets that are at the heart, the cross section of my community. It is the perfect porch to watch the day progress, marked by the types of traffic going by.

In the very early morning it is doggie time. The neighbors are out walking all type of canine and the area slowly comes to life with the soundless wandering of loyal friends and masters.

A little later in the morning, but still early for most, are the tennis players. Games that have been played summer after summer by the same pair or the same group of friends, they slowly make their way to the courts walking, biking and running by my porch.

These morning athletes are quickly followed by another breed, the runners (of which I am one). To some this is a starting point, to others the finish but most make their way past my porch.

Around mid-morning the tennis players come back, the runners return and the beach migration begins. Still early enough to find parking at the popular up-island spots, cars filled with children and toys file by, headed to beaches around the island. The vehicle being a giveaway to the destination, as nearby beachgoers mostly travel by foot or bike, a towel thrown around their shoulders.

Some go early. Noon. Others have lunch at home then head down, each time passing my porch to get to and from, here and there.

I also see the UPS trucks, Fed Ex, delivery guys and gals as well as contractors headed to jobs around the neighborhood. Zipping around dirt roads and hidden pathways, the secret routs reveal themselves on my porch.

Today my porch is my office. Watching the comings and goings and imagining the destinations inspired these words as I sit here observing, enjoying the wonder of a porch.

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