7 Things we we love about October on the Vineyard

by Kerry on October 30, 2010

October on the Vineyard is pretty terrific, and here are some reasons why;

Playing in leaves

Late October afternoon

The weather. Fall arrives later and October is what September is supposed to be. October is the month where everything changes.  There are boot and sweater days interspersed with flip flop and t-shirt days. Early in the month is still swim-able, and later in the month is the ideal for beach combing and trail hiking.

Change of season leaf-peeping. The leaves change color later than the rest of New England, and turn spectacular towards mid-October. Vines of red climb up the trunks of bright orange and yellow trees creating perfect up-island afternoon drives and hikes that will take your breath away.

Scallops. Recreational scalloping gets going around the end of October. This year due to dredging at Sengekontacket pond, the season opened almost a month early. If you are so inclined, fresh sweet little scallops are available for the price of a scalloping permit ($35.00). A fun activity that bears the fruit of your labors deliciously.

Winter water views. Many feel great pride when the ocean peaks through the falling leaves and a much coveted winter water view reveals itself. Distance has no bearing, it could be near or far when  the trees shed their leaves in a strategic manner. Sometimes an obvious and clear view, but more often you have to work for it maybe through the top left hand window when you stand on a chair…Nonetheless the pride remains and we secretly congratulate ourselves on our real estate choices.

Outdoor sports and recreation. I run. Others walk, play basketball, tennis and bike. The climate is ideal for sweat-inducing sports with a crisp wind and sunny skies. We run further distances, play longer matches and spend more time being active when the temperature is moderate. October is the month to start a new sport, train for a run or perfect your game.

Pot luck dinners and local foods. We are well known for our community and self sustaining support of local businesses. When October rolls around there are locally harvested dinners to attend, slow food pot lucks and restaurant-hosted island meals to be had. We have the time to plan and attend, participate and support the local farmers and producers who supply our produce, protein and baked goods. We feed back into ourselves and grow stronger.

Halloween weekend. On the Vineyard Halloween is a 3 day event (or longer) and any qualms about costumed adults need to be shelved. Get into the spirit if you are inclined, because every town, school and institution is celebrating this festival of dress up and eat sugar. From pony rides to parades, scarecrow contests and adult costume parties, it is a celebration of shedding inhibitions and  indulging in some fun before the colder weather arrives.

Martha's Vineyard Halloween

Scarecrow contest

Next up: November.

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RSA QLD December 28, 2010 at 2:34 pm

I would love to go scalloping! Well now I know where I’m spending my next October 😉

Annette December 28, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Sounds like a wonderful place to live. Your very blessed.

Paula September 21, 2011 at 6:26 pm

Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. As my husband and I contemplate moving our family to Martha’s Vineyard, I almost feel like I could be home.

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