Some good news for the Real Estate World…

by Kerry on August 6, 2012

“There is reason for optimism. Not only are single-family home prices steadily climbing, but the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University in a June report said inventories of new, single-family homes in March were at the lowest level in 49 years. The upshot: It would take fewer than six months to sell the current inventory, the traditional boundary between a strong and weak market, says Eric Belsky, managing director of the center. “

According to this article from the WSJ, the RE market is on the up and up after bottoming out in January. Does everyone feel the same?

The following article, Is the Real-Estate Rebound for Real?, discusses this in great detail and I am sure you will find it inspiring as I did.

The article also mentions that if you are an investor, Real Estate should be about 15% of the stock portion in your portfolio. Something to consider as we get near the 4th quarter of the year. If you are interested in investing in Real Estate on Martha’s Vineyard, please feel free to let me know.

— Kerry Quinlan-Potter

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