Real Estate Recovery

by Kerry on September 20, 2012

Reading this article this morning, it is obvious that things will not improve drastically overnight in the Real Estate world.

“Don’t let the data fool you, it’s going to be a long road back to anything like “normal” for the nation’s housing market.
With mortgage rates at the lowest levels in a half century, and falling, the housing market is crawling out of the worst recession since the Great Depression,” says the writer, John W. Schoen.

This article lists part of the problem being the lending institutions withholding finances due to the past mishap in the market.

Another possible negative could also be if Congress decides to “eliminate the deduction for home mortgage interest as part of a broad tax reform package”.

There is much to be watched in the current economic situation that will affect all of us in the Real Estate business as well as buyers and sellers.

What have you noticed in the news this week regarding Real Estate?

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