Its Quiet Around Here

by Kerry on January 28, 2019

When All is Quiet

So often I am asked about the Vineyard in Winter. Friends, family, clients, all enamored of the idea of living here year round and forever…Such is the depth of attachment we feel once exposed to the many special and unique aspects of life on this island.

It really does get under your skin, like a new friend who sees you as you truly are. That special person who “gets” you, Martha’s Vineyard is she/he. Once you have experienced the magic you are in its trance, and will always want more.

My own story goes back decades, when my family rented cottages on East Chop when I was a child. From those days to my actual move here I would wax poetic about the joys and mysteries of island life. The sand and the smells of the ocean, the sunshine, dirt roads and promise of reinvention, renewal, replenishment.

I moved here 20 years ago for a boy. That boy became my husband, and we have both grown personally and professionally, though there has been a cost. The city girl in my has more than once been called away, to the noise and bustle and energy of a more inhabited area, whereas the island boy has also been called, though deeper into the solitude that he needs, to the ocean and the simplicity.

In January it can be difficult to stay focused on what were once considered benefits as deprivation sets in. Not a spiritual nor physical deprivation of life, but a deprivation of comforts, of conveniences, of variety.

We are all on our own personal journeys, the solitude and quiet of a Vineyard winter can derail the goal of a simple life. The human condition craves variety and positioning yourself to allow for travel, even local to the cape, can be a vital a necessity if you want to live here. Though every one is different, and we are all called to the things that resonate.

Today it IS quiet around here, and that trail to the beach is empty. For many year round residents it is exactly what they want. But for others…

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