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Real Estate Broker, Kerry Quinlan-Potter, has lived on The Vineyard for 11 years, moving here from Montréal after many summers as a part-time resident. A background in sales and advertising, as well as her father’s life long real estate career led to a career in real estate.

Interest in the diversity of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and concern over environmental issue spawned Kerry’s interest in pursuing green issues and ultimately a more sustainable life on the Island.

The Vineyard is a thriving community of close to 15,000 year-round residents to over 100,000 at the peak of the summer.

Though many of the Vineyard industries are seasonal, we are, by and large a home based community. Many businesses are structured around the selling, maintaining, building, beautifying and renovating of houses.

“I sell houses (Breakwater — Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate) and my husband builds them (Squash Meadow Construction). We also work togeusther to develop new ways to create green building options, and have created a LEED certified green modular.” Kerry says.

A big part of Vineyard life is integrating nature and environmental policy into everyday life. The precious resources that are available here are fragile and as year-round residents we have an obligation to the health and longevity of our environment.

Community is the most immediate and important thing that we do for our environment. We know and care about our neighbors, we share things and help each other. We turn to each other in times of need and in times of joy…less taxing on the environment, and way more fun for us!

Contact Kerry Quinlan-Potter to discuss Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate and building, 508.292.0314 or email her at Kerry@breakwatermv.com.




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