Its Quiet Around Here

by Kerry on January 28, 2019

When All is Quiet

So often I am asked about the Vineyard in Winter. Friends, family, clients, all enamored of the idea of living here year round and forever…Such is the depth of attachment we feel once exposed to the many special and unique aspects of life on this island.

It really does get under your skin, like a new friend who sees you as you truly are. That special person who “gets” you, Martha’s Vineyard is she/he. Once you have experienced the magic you are in its trance, and will always want more.

My own story goes back decades, when my family rented cottages on East Chop when I was a child. From those days to my actual move here I would wax poetic about the joys and mysteries of island life. The sand and the smells of the ocean, the sunshine, dirt roads and promise of reinvention, renewal, replenishment.

I moved here 20 years ago for a boy. That boy became my husband, and we have both grown personally and professionally, though there has been a cost. The city girl in my has more than once been called away, to the noise and bustle and energy of a more inhabited area, whereas the island boy has also been called, though deeper into the solitude that he needs, to the ocean and the simplicity.

In January it can be difficult to stay focused on what were once considered benefits as deprivation sets in. Not a spiritual nor physical deprivation of life, but a deprivation of comforts, of conveniences, of variety.

We are all on our own personal journeys, the solitude and quiet of a Vineyard winter can derail the goal of a simple life. The human condition craves variety and positioning yourself to allow for travel, even local to the cape, can be a vital a necessity if you want to live here. Though every one is different, and we are all called to the things that resonate.

Today it IS quiet around here, and that trail to the beach is empty. For many year round residents it is exactly what they want. But for others…

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East Chop Light East Chop Light


Sales are down by 20% from this time last year. Median home prices down another 8%. Where do you stand in selling your property?

Predictably, many of the unsold homes from this past year have gone into hibernation (Off Market Status). Reasons include practical considerations; heat, electricity, storage, as well as  the obvious drop off in island visitors. Many homeowners are of the opinion that when a property goes “off market” then they ate giving it a rest, so as not to have a “stale” listing.

At this time last year our home inventory dropped from @550 island- wide to a low of 358 during the winter months. As soon as the weather started warming up we were quickly back up in the mid 5’s as sellers hustled to get the summer traffic. Is this a viable strategy to managing a listing? Not if you really want to sell the property.

There are hundreds of real estate agents operating diligently to market your property on the Vineyard. Once it gets into the island-wide database all offices and agents have access to the information, and will send the listing out to their interested buyers. If you are working with a REALTOR office then you are even further along, with database platforms reaching out to the 50 states. Removing your property from the market does not erase it from people’s minds.

If the property has been well marketed your buyers pool have seen it as available last year and see it again this year. It is perceived as a continual process, not an interrupted “oh well it was no longer available for sale”. Keep your home for sale front and center. There is momentum built and maintaining interest is more effective than the removal and reappearance of an unsold property. The longer it sits the more likely buyers will wonder what is wrong with the property.

Here is the link to the latest statistics from our LINK database. All relevant sales and market info from the 3rd Quarter.

2014 – Q3 – Martha’s Vineyard Quarterly Sales Summary

Send questions and comments to;

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Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate – Fall 2014

by Kerry on October 14, 2014

We hope everyone had a great summer! This fall is a time of re-group and re-fresh for most of us on the Island. Breakwater — Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate is my new Real Estate Brokerage Firm. It is over a year old now! Feel free to check us out as we grow this fall.

Have a gorgeous Fall 2014!

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Martha’s Vineyard Weather & Sandy

by Kerry on October 29, 2012

We hope everyone on Martha’s Vineyard stays safe and smart during the storm Sandy.

The State of Massachusetts has called this a “State of Emergency” and has listed some things on their site that we can do to keep updated and safe :  They have also mentioned an app that can help with information :

The Red Cross also has an app called the First Aid App :

The MV Times has updates here :

And the Weather Channel is excellent :

Be safe!

— Kerry Quinlan-Potter

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“Election Year Theory” — Interest Rates

by Kerry on October 22, 2012

We found an article from Sovereign Bank about the “Election Year Theory”. There are tons of “Election Year Theories” in various areas: mortgage, stocks, abortion, etc. The article we found from Sovereign Bank regarding Interest Rates posted the chart below.

So, is the Federal Reserve Board “under political pressure to keep interest rates stable or lower prior to an election in order to make it more attractive for voters to vote for the incumbent?” If the theory is true then mortgage rates would drop immediately after a presidential election. Is it true? According to the article, “History says no.”

3 Months Before Election Election Month 3 Months After Election 6 Months After Election
1972 – RICHARD NIXON (Republican) 7.40% 7.43% 7.44% 7.65%
1976 – JIMMY CARTER (Democrat) 9.00% 8.81% 8.67% 8.82%
1980 – RONALD REAGAN (Republican) 12.56% 14.21% 15.31% 16.40%
1984 – RONALD REAGAN (Republican) 14.47% 13.64% 12.92% 12.91%
1988 – GEORGE H.W. BUSH (Republican) 10.60% 10.27% 10.56% 10.77%
1992 – BILL CLINTON (Democrat) 7.98% 8.31% 7.68% 7.47%
1996 – BILL CLINTON (Democrat) 8.00% 7.62% 7.65% 7.94%
2000 – GEORGE W. BUSH (Republican) 8.03% 7.75% 7.05% 7.15%
2004 – GEORGE W. BUSH (Republican) 5.87% 5.73% 5.63% 5.72%
2008 – BARACK OBAMA (Democrat) 6.48% 6.09% 5.13% 4.86%


Obviously due to the economy, the numbers have been low for a good stretch of time. We shall see what this election year brings.

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